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Blutiq is a space where sports rights holders (that’s athletes, clubs, associations, leagues, events & venues from every sport and professional level) can attract corporate sponsors in a seamless and streamlined way.


What we value the most at Blutiq is creating a space for authentic relationships to be formed. We want our relationships to be based on trust, this is why we implemented validation checks for both our ambassadors and corporate sponsors as part of our registration process. This ensures everyone on our platform is officially verified by us regardless of their size.




We are building a community of athletes, clubs, associations, leagues, events and venues who are looking for sponsorship opportunities in the sports industry.


You can create a FREE Blutiq account on the platform using the links on this website.


We will be verifying every Blutiq account to ensure authentic relationships can be formed on the platform. Please note your profile will not be visible to sponsors if it has not been verified.


You will be able to create a sponsorship profile with your biography, sporting achievements, social media links & data, a gallery and sponsorship activations detailing what you can offfer sponsors. Your profile will be shown to sponsors on the platform to support their decision making.


You will be able to respond to messages from sponsors directly on the platform. If a sponsor likes the information on your profile, they will send you a message through the platform to facilitate a sponsorship agreement. Please note Blutiq takes 0% commision from any deals agreed through the platform.


We work with businesses of any size in any location, looking to form meaningful relationships with sports rights holders across all professional levels.


You can create a FREE Blutiq account on the platform using the links on this website.


We will be verifying every Blutiq account to ensure authentic relationships can be formed on the platform. Please note you will not be able to view our list of ambassadors if you profile has not been verified.

Scouting pool

You will be able to seach and filter through the list of ambassadors profiles on the platform. You can also add ambassadors to your shortlist to track their progress over time. Blutiq offerrs a scouting report on all our ambassadors with their bio, achievements, social media data, and sponsorship activations. If you would like an extensive scouting report on a specific ambassador, get it touch with the team and we can provide one for you at a fixed price.


You will be able to message ambassadors you are intrested in working with directly on the platform. Please note, Blutiq charges 0% commision for any sponsorship deals agreed on the platform.

Blutiq was created as a result of a need to tackle the inefficiencies faced within the sports sponsorship industry. It is a platform through which corporate sponsors have the means to reach out to sports rights holders in a seamless and streamlined way. Supported by industry leading data-analytics, Blutiq empowers corporate sponsors to make informed decisions when agreeing sponsorship deals.



Our platform will provide unrivaled access to the sports industry across all professional levels supported by in-app messaging functionalities


We aim to streamline the process from sourcing to agreement whilst also empowering corporate sponsors to make accurate data driven decisions 


We provide our ambassadors with continuous visibility to a large pool of corporate sponsors throughout the whole year at no cost to them


The hidden mystery behind sports sponsorship for sports right holders

Sports sponsorship represents more than just money; it allows ambassadors to perform at their best, get closer to their fanbase and effectively commercialise their assets. This article explores the key benefits of becoming an ambassador with Blutiq and our role in maximising potential.

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